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The Prettiest Floral Bridal Shower with Chinet and SMP Living

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Looking for some bridal shower inspiration?  To no surprise, Style Me Pretty Living recently created the absolute prettiest floral bridal shower in partnership with Chinet and some other amazing vendors.  One thing's for sure, you can never go wrong with some gorgeous blooms!  See more photos below. 

Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography

Styling: Jess Blazejewski and Style Me Pretty Living

Flatware: Chinet Cut Crystal

Calligraphy + Lettering: Becca Joas Calligraphy + Hand Lettering

Logo Design for Ruth Eileen Photography

Logo DesignRebecca JoasComment

About a month ago, Ruth Eileen launched a new look for her brand and business, along with a new website.  Kyla Mary pulled together the full brand design for Ruth, which came out absolutely beautiful!  I have to say - it was such an honor to work alongside these two amazingly talented ladies, I was blown away when I was asked to hand letter Ruth's new logo.  I love being able to help bring someone's vision to life, and seeing the love and passion they have for their work was truly inspiring!  

Ruth had a great vision in mind for her new aesthetic - simple, soft, organic, fun, natural and bright.  She also knew her customer very well, some of the phrases that stood out to me in describing her ideal customer were:

  • Someone "who understands there is beauty in simplicity" 
  • Someone "who takes the time to think about the little details"
  • How important of an aspect these details are

With that in mind, I knew I wanted to create something that was simple and soft, but that still had minor points of interest.  This project was so much fun and I poured my hear into it, here's the final hand-lettered logo design.

I also wanted to show a few of the other original options I had sent her to show some variation in styles.  Keep in mind these are just concept sketches, they have not been touched up at all. 

Below is a peek at Ruth and Kyla's final branding board - amazing work and it was such a pleasure!,

Blushing, Dessert Filled Valentine’s Party at Home

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Some of my work was recently featured on Style Me Pretty Living and what a joy that was to see!  If you're looking to have a pretty and fun soiree with your gals on Valentine's Day - make sure to check this post out!  Below are some of the beautiful details from the party.

Photography: White Loft Studio | Design + Styling: SMP Living | Illustration: Jess Blazejewski | Calligraphy: Becca Joas

Free Printable Valentine's Day Cards from SMP Living

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It's hard to believe that Valentine's Day is right around the corner... this year seems to be flying by already!  If life has caught you on a whim (like it has for me) and you haven't had a chance to run to the stationery store just yet, SMP Living has got you covered with these gorgeous printable Valentine's Day cards!  What better way to end the week with a freebie!?

By the way, my super talented friend, Jess Blazejewski, did the illustration work for this card and it's featured with my hand lettering in the photo - gah! 

 Photography:  White Loft Studio  | Design + Styling:  SMP Living  | Illustration:  Jess Blazejewski  | Calligraphy:  Becca Joas

Photography: White Loft Studio | Design + Styling: SMP Living | Illustration: Jess Blazejewski | Calligraphy: Becca Joas

SMP Living also posted these cute little watercolor favor boxes, check them out below!

 Photography:  White Loft Studio  | DIY + Styling:  SMP Living  | Calligraphy:  Becca Joas

Photography: White Loft Studio | DIY + Styling: SMP Living | Calligraphy: Becca Joas

Logo Design for Jess Blazejewski

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A dear (and AMAZINGLY super talented) friend of mine, Jess Blazejewski, recently asked me to design her logo.  I literally squealed with excitement when she asked, I was THAT happy.

She was looking for something loose, fun, graceful and feminine.  Most of her work is romantic with a vintage modern flair (and did I mention how amazing her work is?). 

Here are photos of some concept sketching for Jess's logo.

And below is the final logo design.

I'm also including some of her gorgeous work.

Holiday Snail Mail

HolidaysRebecca JoasComment

It's our favorite time of year, so we get very excited to send out some holiday snail mail.  

Logo Design for Nathalie Fanfan

Logo DesignRebecca JoasComment

A few months ago, I was asked to do a logo design for Nathalie Fanfan, a local Boston area fashion stylist and personal shopper.  

Nathalie was looking for a simple and classic feel for her new logo.  These were the final results.  I created two versions of her logo, one with less flourishing for a cleaner and simpler look.  

Below is some of Nathalie's amazing work and click here to check out her new website.