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Logo Design for Ruth Eileen Photography

About a month ago, Ruth Eileen launched a new look for her brand and business, along with a new website.  Kyla Mary pulled together the full brand design for Ruth, which came out absolutely beautiful!  I have to say - it was such an honor to work alongside these two amazingly talented ladies, I was blown away when I was asked to hand letter Ruth's new logo.  I love being able to help bring someone's vision to life, and seeing the love and passion they have for their work was truly inspiring!  

Ruth had a great vision in mind for her new aesthetic - simple, soft, organic, fun, natural and bright.  She also knew her customer very well, some of the phrases that stood out to me in describing her ideal customer were:

  • Someone "who understands there is beauty in simplicity" 
  • Someone "who takes the time to think about the little details"
  • How important of an aspect these details are

With that in mind, I knew I wanted to create something that was simple and soft, but that still had minor points of interest.  This project was so much fun and I poured my hear into it, here's the final hand-lettered logo design.

I also wanted to show a few of the other original options I had sent her to show some variation in styles.  Keep in mind these are just concept sketches, they have not been touched up at all. 

Below is a peek at Ruth and Kyla's final branding board - amazing work and it was such a pleasure!